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Sustainable Tech Lab

The Sustainable Tech Lab will be a multidisciplinary academic biome; creating a focal point for the delivery of sustainable economic, social and industrial technology enabled solutions for the future global economy. As the world gravitates away from a carbon intensive economic model to a more sustainable one, the most effective solutions will be those which have been developed through the Sustainable Tech Lab’s rigorous multidisciplinary academic engine. At the heart of the Sustainable Tech Lab is the belief that ESG metrics — traditionally challenging to formalize, measure, and validate procedures — can be effectively designed and implemented through the creation of disruptive technologies powered by AI/ML to support the transition to regenerative economies. 

In addition to research output, the Sustainable Tech Lab will provide a coordinated platform for thought leadership to fellow academics, governments and industry practitioners. By initiating an active engagement programme, we seek to enable better corporate environmental disclosure, more effective governmental policy making and sustainable profitability. 

Led by Dr Enrico Biffis and Professor Deeph Chana.

Our research