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KIOS@Imperial Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence

In collaboration with the KIOS Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence at the University of Cyprus, the research initiative aims to develop a cutting-edge, multidisciplinary centre for research in intelligent systems and networks for monitoring, control, and security of critical infrastructure systems. This research has the scientific and innovation potential to improve people’s lives and the economy in Cyprus and Europe. 

KIOS Centre of Excellence follows a holistic approach to the problem of monitoring, control, management, and security of Critical Infrastructure Systems (CIS) by bringing together a strong multidisciplinary team that spans all the required areas of expertise. Specifically, in addition to expertise in intelligent systems and control, sensor networks, optimization, machine learning, estimation, and fault diagnosis, the Centre of Excellence will also have extensive expertise in the operation, challenges, and modelling of different CIS (power networks, water distribution networks, transportation systems, telecommunication networks) and their interdependencies, cyber-security and protection of CIS, cognitive approaches for the human-computer interface, emergency response and decision making, cyber-physical systems and integration methods for hardware/software realization of the developed solutions. 

Led by Professor Thomas Parisini.

Our research