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Centre for Defence Communications & Information Technology (DCIT)

The Centre aims to serve as a platform for close, fruitful and long-term partnerships and collaborations among researchers from governments, industries and Imperial to formulate and perform defence research in the broad areas of communications and information technology. Prominent researchers at other leading universities will also be invited to participate. The Centre will encourage and perform blue-sky defence research and innovations through collaborations among multi-disciplinary researchers across organizational boundaries for cross-fertilisation.

Current research areas of interest include:

  • AI and autonomy
  • Machine learning and optimisation
  • Communications
  • Computer and sensor infrastructures
  • Wireless communications
  • Blockchain technologies
  • Quantum computing and communications

Although its research is motivated by defence challenges and applications, the Centre promotes academic publications, application of developed technologies in civilian domains, establishment of startup companies, and training and nurturing of future research talents in the fields.

Led by Professor Kin Leung.

Our research