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Intelligent Transmission and Processing (ITP)

Intelligent Transmission and Processing Laboratory (ITP Lab) was established in 2020 when Professor Geoffrey Li joined Imperial College London. ITP Lab is interested in fundamental and application issues on artificial intelligence for signal processing and communications in general. The past research areas include blind signal processing, OFDM and MIMO for wireless communications, cross-layer optimization for SE and EE wireless networks, cognitive radio and D2D networks, TeraHertz and mmWave communications, and V2X and UAV vehicular communications. Currently, ITP Lab is working on the following topics:
• Fundamental issues in machine learning, compressive sensing, and optimization.
• Dynamic, accretionary, and meta-learning with applications.
• Deep learning for physical layer processing in communications.
• Intelligent wireless resource allocation.
• Federated learning related issues.

Led by Professor Geoffrey Ye Li.

Our research