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Training Safer Surgeons

Currently, most surgical procedures and equipment are described with the use of a written operative technique manual with the aid of diagrams and surgical workflow. There is some use of audio-visual content, but these are not standardized. These manuals are often difficult to use, and surgeons are left depending on company representatives and demonstrations prior to performing the operation. 
We have shown from our research that Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) based learning tools are a validated, evidence-based method of describing a surgical technique with the use of innovative multimedia platforms. These are easy to use and allows repeated sustained practice by any surgeon around the world from the comfort of their own home which minimizes some of the major drawbacks of other simulation modalities. Our vision is to have a CTA based tool for every surgical operation so that surgeons have a clear idea as to the technical steps they need to perform as well as a cognitive understanding behind these steps in order to reduce potential errors and help surgeons innovate solutions for each phase of a surgical procedure. 

Led by Mr (Dr) Chinmay Gupte.

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