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Statistical and Machine Learning for Single Cell Data Analytics

We bring together diverse analysts and experimentalists to create a best practice hub in single cell data analysis. We will tackle challenges in inference of lineage, cellular state and dynamics, spatial structure, experimental design and the use of cohorts. Our team is composed of experts in machine learning, statistics and stochastics combined with focuses in sequencing and the study of themes from immunology to neurodegeneration. We are linked to the Centre for the Mathematics of Precision Healthcare.

Our Team
Mathematics: Mauricio Barahona, Barbara Bravi, Marina Evangelou, Sarah Filippi, Nick Jones, Anthea Monod, Vahid Shahrezaei, Philipp Thomas
Life Sciences: Ruben Perez-Carasco
Medicine: Alexis Barr, Luca Magnani, Samuel Marguerat, Paul Matthews, Iain McNeish, Michela Noseda, Nathan Skene

Our research