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Intelligible AI (IAI)

This is a multidisciplinary research initiative for the development and delivery of Intelligible AI (IAI), a new generation of AI systems that brings together interpretable, explainable and safe AI technologies to help develop IAI-empowered systems that are understood and trusted by humans.

Advances in AI and Machine Learning have achieved a transformative impact in many domains, bringing unprecedented paradigm shifts to many sectors. However, their increasing use in high-stake and mission critical tasks, where wrong decisions may cause unintended, dangerous, or catastrophic consequences, requires more than ever the need for intelligible AI (IAI) solutions that are robust, explainable, understood and trusted by humans. Domains such as healthcare, policing, business critical systems, security and defence, and complex systems engineering are increasingly demanding for greater intelligibility of AI and Machine Learning (ML) systems.

Led by Professor Alessandra Russo.

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