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Cloud, Data and Exascale Computing Hub

The shift to a digital society and a strong focus on data-driven research has put the entire computing stack as the centrepiece of interdisciplinary research and innovation. The current wave of AI and machine learning advances is an excellent example of this. It was enabled by advances in computer hardware, data centre design, parallel programming and distributed systems. Consequently, computing infrastructure and software systems will play a crucial role in future engineering and natural sciences research and industry. This trend will continue to drive the massive growth in data and compute requirements, which is predicted to reach 400 exabytes per day by 2025 (the equivalent to 100 million of today’s average enterprise disk drives per day). Dealing with such tremendous amounts of data brings many exciting challenges in performance, energy efficiency, security and productivity. This research initiative aims to ensure that computing infrastructure and software systems can act as the foundation for addressing scientific, societal and environmental challenges. As such, it will play a central role in Imperial’s Systems Research initiatives.

Members of the initiative: Dr Thomas Heinis, Prof Paul Kelly, Prof Wayne Luk, Prof Jenny Nelson, Prof Peter Pietzuch, Dr Holger Pirk and Dr Lluis Vilanova.

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