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Call for I-X Affiliates

I-X aims to further broaden the engagement of College staff members with I-X by launching a new I-X Affiliate Scheme. Becoming an I-X Affiliate offers an exciting opportunity for College staff members to actively engage with I-X by joining the I-X community.

Any College member with goals related to artificial intelligence, machine learning and data who would like to contribute to I-X in terms of its research, education and/or industry activities is invited to apply to become an I-X Affiliate.

Benefits of I-X Affiliate status

As an I-X Affiliate, you will gain access to a range of exclusive benefits as part of the I-X community:

  • Building access to the I-X floor spaces on the White City campus
  • Booking privileges of shared hot-desking space at I-X
  • Optional opportunity to teach as part of the I-X educational program
  • Privileges to supervise I-X MSc projects
  • Engagement opportunities with I-X industry partners
  • Inclusion in I-X community Teams channels
  • Subscription to I-X community mailing lists
  • Listing of I-X affiliate status on the I-X website

Please note: If you are an I-X Research Initiative Lead, you are already associated with I-X, and there is no need to re-apply. Please get in touch with  if you want to explore further engagement opportunities.

Responsibilities of I-X Affiliate status

We expect I-X Affiliates to regularly engage with I-X, contribute to the success of I-X and align with the goals of the I-X initiate:

  • Contributions to the goals and objectives of I-X through research, education and community involvement
  • Engagement with I-X academics, researchers, students, industry and other I-X community members
  • Participation in I-X events and activities
  • Regular visits to the I-X space in White City
  • Acting as an ambassador for I-X

Application process:

Ready to be a part of the vibrant I-X community? The application process is straightforward:

  • College staff members can apply for I-X Affiliate status at any time by submitting the application form, detailing how they plan to engage with I-X and contribute to its mission.
  • Applications will undergo a light-touch review by a panel consisting of I-X Co-Directors/Academics. We will aim to respond to your application within 2 weeks of receiving it.
  • I-X Affiliate status is renewed on a periodic basis and entails a (lightweight) reporting requirement on the contributions made to I-X.
  • College members with a broad interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data but who do not plan to contribute to I-X actively are encouraged to join the College’s Artificial Intelligence Network instead.

Further details:

To learn more about the I-X Affiliate Scheme and its policy contact us at with any questions.