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Sterling Road announces new Imperial College London grant

We are delighted to announce that Sterling Road will be offering a new Imperial College London grant for up to 25 entrepreneurs and teams annually. This grant provides £1,000 and coaching support to those with great ideas but are in the earliest stages of their concept.

Sterling Road

Sterling Road is a venture capital firm that invests in idea stage and pre-seed B2B startups, based in the USA, Canada and UK. They invest up to $150k in idea stage companies and $250k at the pre-seed stage.

In recognition of the invaluable collaboration and in line with our shared commitment to supporting student and alumni entrepreneurship, Imperial College London and Sterling Road are proud to jointly offer up to 25 grants, each valued at £1,000, to Founders associated with Imperial College London. You may apply with any idea, but software projects are preferred.

Grant details

  • £1,000. No strings attached.
  • For Founders associated with Imperial College London.
  • You can apply with any idea but most of the grants will go to software projects.

Apply for the grant here