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I-X Seminar Series: Sequential Modeling Enables Scalable Learning for Large Vision Models with Yutong Bai

Lecture Title 

Sequential Modeling Enables Scalable Learning for Large Vision Models


Yutong Bai

Talk Summary

In this presentation, Yutong will introduce a novel sequential modeling approach which enables learning a Large Vision Model (LVM) without making use of any linguistic data. To do this, she will define a common format, “visual sentences”, in which she can represent raw images and videos as well as annotated data sources such as semantic segmentations and depth reconstructions without needing any meta-knowledge beyond the pixels. Once this wide variety of visual data (comprising 420 billion tokens) is represented as sequences, the model can be trained to minimize a cross-entropy loss for next token prediction. By training across various scales of model architecture and data diversity, we provide empirical evidence that our models scale effectively. Many different vision tasks can be solved by designing suitable visual prompts at test time.

Speaker Bio

Yutong is a 5th-year CS PhD student at Johns Hopkins University advised by Prof. Alan Yuille. And currently a visiting student at UC Berkeley, advised by Prof. Alyosha Efros. She used to intern at Meta AI (FAIR Labs) and Google Brain, and is selected as 2023 Apple Scholar and EECS Rising Star.

Time: 16.00 – 17.00
Date: Tuesday 16 November
Location: Livestreamed

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