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I-X Research Presentations: Alessandra Russo & Dan Cunnington

Talk Title

The role of Logic-based machine learning in Neuro-symbolic Ai

Talk Summary

In this talk, Alessandra will give a brief summary of what logic-based machine learning is and the advancements that we have done in this field presenting our state-of-the-art system, called ILASP. She will then discuss how these advancements have also enabled the development of novel neuro-symbolic architectures capable of solving classification problems in a data efficient and interpretable way, whilst outperforming pure neural models.


Professor Alessandra Russo and Dan Cunnington

Speaker Bio

Alessandra Russo is a Professor in Applied Computational Logic, and is leading the Intelligible AI (IAI) research initiative at I-X. Her work is a multidisciplinary research initiative that focuses on bringing together interpretable, explainable and safe AI technologies to help develop IAI-empowered systems that are understood and trusted by humans.

Time: 15.30-16.30
Date: Thursday 18 January
Location: In Person | I-X Conference Room, Level 5
Translation and Innovation Hub (I-HUB)
Imperial White City Campus
84 Wood Lane
London W12 0BZ

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