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I-X Women in Artificial Intelligence (IX-WAI) Network Launch

We are delighted to to announce the launch of the I-X Women in Artificial Intelligence (IX-WAI) network.

Mission statement

At the I-X Women in Artificial Intelligence (IX-WAI) network, we are dedicated to empowering women, non-binary people and other gender-discriminated groups* in the field of artificial intelligence. IX-WAI aims to create a supportive and inclusive network that champions career advancement, addresses challenges, and fosters connections across all career stages. Our mission is to enhance representation of women in AI and foster an environment where they feel valued, supported, and inspired to achieve their full potential. We intend to address these by:

  • Inviting speakers to spotlight women’s achievements and their career journey in the ‘Cutting-Edge Overviews & Tutorials’ and the ‘AI: Ethics and Diversity’ I-X seminar series;
  • Hosting workshops and round panels to offer platforms for discussion on issues related to improving the work culture;
  • Creating and showcasing an inclusive work culture that encourages other women to join the community;
  • Providing opportunities for mentorship, learning, and collaboration.

Our monthly meetings are open to all women of I-X, aimed at devising strategies for future initiatives and ensuring our actions align with our core belief: that every woman in AI deserves a supportive community. By increasing visibility and advocating for women’s voices in AI, we strive to correct the underrepresentation and build a future where diversity drives innovation. The IX-WAI network is a movement towards a more equitable, dynamic, and inclusive AI landscape within I-X, Imperial and the AI field.

Our current committee includes:

  • Eileen Boyce
  • Tracy Bussoli
  • Claire Heaney
  • Alice Malivert
  • Mili Ostojic
  • Islem Rekik
  • Sandra Siby
  • Gema Vera Gonzalez

* For readability, we will refer to all of these groups as “women” in the following text.